Atlas of High-Value Sockeye Habitat in the Skeena Watershed

This Atlas is one of several products intended to compile and share existing data that identify habitat of sockeye salmon in the Skeena watershed. The Atlas focuses on displaying high-value freshwater habitat for recognized Conservation Units (CUs) of lake-rearing sockeye, a key component of the Wild Salmon Policy.

The contents of the atlas can be accessed via the links below. The entire atlas can also be obtained on DVD by emailing

Introductory pages

Atlas Index Map

Index of Conservation Unit Maps

All maps are 1:50,000 unless stated otherwise.

Most CUs are individual lakes but in some cases a cluster of lakes is considered a CU, such as Tahlo/Morrison.

About the Habitat Mapping Project

Ecotrust Canada carried out this work in 2010 for the Habitat Subcommittee of the Skeena Watershed Initiative. Other products include an information poster, an annotated bibliography, and a collection of GIS files.

For more information about the project, or if you have information to add, please contact the Pacific Salmon Foundation at

project objectives
Compile existing data about Skeena sockeye freshwater habitat and make this data available in a variety of formats suitable to different audiences.
project status
project timeline
March 19, 2010
to February 28, 2011
project lead
Ecotrust Canada
conservation units, habitat
related species