High-Value Sockeye Habitat in the Skeena Watershed: data compilation and mapping

Much information on Skeena salmon habitat currently exists, but not in an integrated or easily-accessible format. This project compiled existing data about Skeena sockeye freshwater habitat in order to create an integrated, accessible data collection that can be expended over time. The data is presented in several formats:

Sockeye Habitat Poster

project objectives
Compile existing data about Skeena sockeye freshwater habitat and make this data available in a variety of formats suitable to different audiences.
related documents

report: Annotated Bibliography: Resources Relating to Sockeye Salmon Habitat of the Skeena Watershed

map: High-Value Sockeye Habitat of the Skeena Watershed: Large-Format Map

poster: Skeena Sockeye Habitat Poster (medium resolution)

project status
project timeline
March 19, 2010
to February 28, 2011
project lead
Ecotrust Canada
Skeena River Watershed
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