Skeena Chinook DNA Baseline Completion

The initial Skeena chinook conservation unit delineation published in 2009 was quite coarse and very little data existed for the smaller, more vulnerable populations. The Skeena Fisheries Commission worked in 2009 and 2010 to complete improvements to the chinook genetic baseline by gathering and analyzing genetic samples from these smaller populations. Expanding the baseline of genetic samples allows better delineation of conservation units and the results from work in 2009 have already been used to improve the effectiveness of the Skeena Test Fishery in evaluating the size and status of Skeena chinook populations.

project objectives
Improve the genetic baseline for Skeena Chinook for use in evaluating stock status and improving the delineation of Chinook Conservation Units.
related documents

report: Skeena River Chinook Baseline Sampling 2009-2010

project status
project timeline
June 1, 2010
to April 30, 2011
project lead
Skeena Fisheries Commission
Gitksan Watershed Authorities, Kitsumkalum Band Council, Kitselas Band Fisheries, Wet'suwet’en Fisheries
conservation units, genetics, stock assessment
Skeena River Watershed
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