Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility, 2010

Since 2003, the Kitwanga Salmon Enumeration Fence (KSEF) has provided a valuable tool for monitoring sockeye escapement to the Kitwanga River while at the same time providing valuable information on chinook, pink, chum and coho escapement. The escapement counts provided by the KSEF are critical to monitoring and assessing Kitwanga sockeye, with the fence providing the only reliable estimates of chum and pink salmon abundance for the entire North Coast of British Columbia.

project objectives
Operate the Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility (KSEF) in order to continue monitoring sockeye, chinook, pink, chum and coho salmon escapement to the Kitwanga River.
related documents

report: Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility – 2010 Annual Report

project status
project timeline
June 1, 2010
to April 30, 2011
project lead
Gitanyow Fisheries Authority
stock assessment
Kitwanga River
related species
chinook, chum, coho, pink, sockeye