Chinook DNA Analysis from 2010 Terrace Area Creel Survey

This project, conducted by Fisheries & Oceans Canada, improves understanding of the chinook stock composition in the Terrace area recreational salmon fishery. Scale samples obtained from chinook landed by anglers in the Terrace area were genetically analyzed to determine which conservation unit they belong to. This project fills an important gap in the assessment model to be used for managing Skeena chinook. The Terrace area creel catch and stock composition has historically been the weakest link in the model because the catch had not been sampled for 10 years and there has never been a genetic stock composition estimate or a coded wire tag recovery program (this data was available in some form for all other Canadian and Alaskan chinook harvests). Collecting this data allows management agencies to evaluate potential bias in watershed escapement estimates and assists in evaluating the status of chinook conservation units in the Skeena Watershed.

project objectives
Improve understanding of the impacts of recreational fisheries on specific salmon conservation units and improvements to the Skeena Chinook management model.
related documents

report: Genetic Analyses of Chinook Salmon Caught in the Skeena River Sport Fishery 2010

project status
project timeline
November 1, 2010
to March 31, 2011
project lead
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
chinook assessment model, sport fishery
Skeena River Watershed, Terrace
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