Area 4 Chum Enumeration Plan Evaluation

Very little escapement data exists for Skeena chum salmon, even for the aggregate stock of the Skeena watershed. This project tested the practicality of proposed revisions to the Core Stock Assessment Program enumeration program for Skeena chum (the addition of Fiddler Creek and a change in survey method to helicopter counts for Date, Dog Tag, Gitnadoix, Kasiks and Skeena River-West), and performed enumeration activities in a number of core assessment locations in 2009 (Ecstall River, Silver Creek, Dog-Tag Creek, Gitnadoix River, Andesite Creek, Kasiks River, Skeena River – West, Kitwanga River, Kleanza Creek, Date Creek, Kispiox River). A report summarizes the results of the 2009 enumeration, reports on research performed to summarize all existing historical data holdings on chum escapement surveys in the Skeena Area, and presents recommendations for future chum monitoring. The report recommends that the current survey program be continued in future years with minor changes. The report also includes an electronic database of chum escapement records for the Skeena Area that spans from the 1920’s to the present day.

project objectives
Improve the Skeena chum monitoring program and increase understanding of chum status and long-term escapement trends in the Skeena Watershed.
related documents

report: Area 4 Chum Enumeration Plan Evaluation

data: 2009 Area 4 Skeena Chum escapement survey: assessment summary, Stream Inspection Logs, and Sampling Site Location Aerial Photos

data: Database of Area 4 Chum escapement data by stream 1900-2009

project status
project timeline
August 20, 2009
to March 31, 2010
project lead
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
stock assessment
Andesite Creek, Date Creek, Dog-Tag Creek, Ecstall River, Gitnadoix River, Kasiks River, Kispiox River, Kitwanga River, Kleanza Creek, Silver Creek, Skeena River, Skeena River-West
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