Steelhead Enumeration at Moricetown Canyon using Mark-Recapture, 2009

This project provided information about steelhead escapement in the Buckley River in 2009 by supporting collection and analysis of data by the Moricetown Canyon steelhead mark-recapture program. The Moricetown program has operated since 1999 to generate annual abundance estimates for steelhead migrating past the Moricetown Canyon falls. Data is collected in the field by Wet’suwet’en Fisheries and is analysed by SKR Consultants to produce estimates of escapement and run timing.

project objectives
Increase understanding of Skeena steelhead abundance through collection and analysis of mark-recapture data.
related documents

report: Wet’suwet’en Fisheries Steelhead Tagging Project at Moricetown Canyon July to October 2009: Data Summary and Recommendations

project status
project timeline
July 15, 2009
to March 31, 2010
project lead
Wet'suwet'en Fisheries, SKR Consultants
BC Ministry of Environment
mark-recapture, stock assessment
Bulkley River, Moricetown Canyon
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